Are you willing to take responsibility for your work?

Whatever you create, comes from inside you. You have thoughts and feelings and translate them into your creative work. You dance with YOUR body, you write YOUR thoughts, you sing with YOUR voice.

It’s hard to negate your contribution to your work when you bring so much to it.


Creativity and sexual power both live in the sacral chakra

Do you sometimes (or often) lose your connection to your creativity?

You feel shitty, tell yourself that you’re supposed to think freely and express yourself, but find yourself feeling trapped in old patterns and your life feels like Groundhog Day.

You notice your inspiration and intuitive nudges slip through your…

Creativity is about authentic expression

Perfectionist artists that strive to create a “worthy” piece of art made us believe that creativity is about struggle and pain.

Being a creative human seems to be a rare blessing and a lifelong punishment at the same time. …

Connect to yourself and feel what wants to be expressed.

Spontaneous free expression seems risky and open for ridicule?

As an introverted good girl you were trained to be nice and quiet person that with small body language?

Unfortunately, you are just not the type for free, uninhibited expression. …

You have to love what’s inside of you in order to show it to the world

For many humans creativity is a locked treasure chest that — if opened — contains heaps of self-criticism with very little creative fulfillment.

Do you know this nagging voice inside of you that puts down your art and points out all the ways you could and should have done…

You gotta get into action!

When the idea of making bags out of canvas that I painted myself came to me, I knew that I had to take action on it without delay. It felt like the universe made me an offer that only stood for a few days.

So the very next day I…

Maria Hubmann

Embodied creativity coach:I help women to authentically express their creativity with pleasure, joy + body-wisdom.; Artist

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