Is your life filled with YOU?

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Do you sometimes reach a big goal and you find yourself not that fulfilled or happy as you had expected to be?

Do you feel like you aren’t living YOUR life?

Do you follow society’s blueprint of a happy life — good education, marriage, house, have a boy and a girl, secure job, 3 weeks vacation abroad per year? The only choice you seem to have is: cat or dog. And even this is a “person thing” — you either are a cat or a dog person, so not really a choice either.

Do you still wonder what you’re doing wrong when you aren’t happy in this “perfect, tested” life? A life that is devoid of YOU.

Sure, your baby looks similar to you and maybe you chose the line of work you want to be engaged in yourself (however, maybe it was your parents’ expectations and “common sense” of a good or bad job).

Yet adding one and one together, can you see how living someone else’s version of a good and happy life most likely won’t make YOU happy and fulfilled?

The little choices that this “happy life blueprint” leaves you with are not enough to fill up the emptiness inside you. It’s like when you don’t like beef, but agree to join your family dinner at a steak restaurant. You will have a very limited choice of food and that small salad or pasta with pesto will fill your stomach, but not your desire for pleasure and abundance. You get dissatisfied and even a bit resentful of your family.

“They should have chosen another restaurant, because they must know that I don’t eat steak!”
“Everyone enjoys themselves and I’m looked at pitifully with my sides as a main dish.”

True, your family could have been more considerate. However, it’s YOUR job to take care of your happiness, well being, and fulfillment in life.

If you start saying No to “that’s how we always did things” and start following your own desires and wishes, you will ruffle some feathers, you will make people angry or disappointed in you.

So what? You don’t live to make your family happy, to make your friends happy, to make your partner happy, or even to make your children happy!

Your life is YOURS.

Take it. Claim it. Live it. How about you start now?

Start with small things to ease into it, or quit your job and travel for 3 months. Up to you. Whatever lights YOU up.

Have fun and be prepared to discover unknown amounts of pleasure and fulfillment.

Deepen your body awareness and find your authentic desires with my free guided meditation.

Originally published at on January 11, 2021.



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Maria Hubmann

Maria Hubmann


Embodiment coach for scientists. Biologist. Maker of wearable art at Passionarta. I help scientists feel their bodies to feel calmly grounded.