The One Thing You Should Never do if You Run Out of Creativity

First, I don’t think you can run out of creativity, but you lose sight of it and your connection to it.

Creativity is everywhere.
Creative expression is always present, even when you don’t see it.

I’m not an expert on creativity, but I have a couple of things to say about expression. Not just random disembodied expression, but expression that comes from your core, your wisdom, your pussy.

This is the kind of creativity you feel coming through you without thinking. It creates effortlessly and leaves you grounded, centered and fuller.

It is raw and honest and deeply personal. It adds texture and quality to your life that is hard to describe.

It creates with and through your body and sensations.

So the one thing that you should never do when you seemingly run out of creativity, is to get into your head. Actually, in this situation you most likely already are in your head. So do not stay in your head.

Instead, drop into your sensations. Think your thoughts and feel your feelings, but stay unattached to them and sink into your body.

When I paint and I feel stuck, I literally lie onto my canvas and feel what wants to come out of me.

A few days ago my business partner of my second business of unique hand-painted bags inquired about my next painting. My response was that I best create with the brush in my hand standing, kneeling or squatting over the canvas.

Beating yourself up over your lack of ideas will do nothing but frustrate you. You are much better served by moving your body as it desires for a minute. Accept your blockage and move or sound. This will reconnect you to your genius, your intuition, your creativity.

What are your experiences with activating your creativity? What works best for you?

If you want to see my creative output with the handbag label Passionarta, come here:

Originally published at on June 30, 2021.



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Maria Hubmann

Maria Hubmann


Embodiment coach for scientists. Biologist. Maker of wearable art at Passionarta. I help scientists feel their bodies to feel calmly grounded.