When the Law of Attraction Fails You

If you want to have something, don’t wait to be given miraculously.

Maria Hubmann
2 min readMay 7, 2021


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Have you been told that you will be given what you give others? Literally.
So if you please others and give them everything they want, you will receive everything you desire.

It sounds so nice to the ears of warm, heart-centered, giving women like us, right?
We really want this to be true.
We do what we are trained to do: give, please others, maybe even over-give. But hey, can you over-give when you receive what you give?

There is just one problem with this “law”: it’s not true as such.

There are people who don’t give a f**k about you. There are people who are more than willing to take everything you give them and ask for even more before they drop you like the skin of the banana they just ate: empty and useless to them.

I have to break it to you: If you want to have something, you have to ask for it.
Ask specifically and directly and you will be given.

I’m not saying that you never receive if you don’t ask, but you probably receive far and between and most likely it’s not exactly what you wanted.

This opens up a few questions:

- Do you actually know what you want?
Can you exactly and specifically name your desires? How would you know if you got it?

- Can you receive it?
Do you have the capacity, time, space etc to receive what you want and keep it?
And maybe more importantly:
Do you allow yourself to receive without having to give something back to release the inner tension?
Can you receive with an open heart what another person gives you freely?

There is more to receiving than meets the eye and women often aren’t by far as good with receiving as we are with giving.

Are you willing to change that?

What comes up for you? Where do you struggle with receiving? Do you still believe that you just need to be a nice girl and you will be rewarded greatly?

Let me know!


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