Why I haven’t showered in days

It’s coronavirus lockdown and I haven’t showered in days.

I am sitting on my terrace on this warm and sunny spring day (read “sweat inducing”) and pretend to be a writer. I’m wearing an old sleeveless blackish shirt and underpants.

I don’t move much these days, but when I do, I notice that women aren’t spared from body odor. How much can you sweat doing nothing at all?

You might ask yourself why I don’t just get up and take a quick shower. Good question. You probably guess the answer:

I just love how my body smells.

It is really that simple. My partner loves (likes?) my smell too, so why dampen our mutual primal attraction to each other? I’m not the first one with a liking for natural body odor. Napoleon allegedly requested his beloved first wife to not wash herself for he was returning home to her.

For general hygienic reasons I will not try to compete with Josephine as she was living at a time in which airplanes hadn’t been invented yet.

Today indeed feels like showerday.



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